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You can’t help but smile when you see a MINI. It may be the sweet curves of the headlights or the details on the roof that somehow make Dallas even sunnier! Owners appreciate their design and luxury, but that doesn’t mean they are blind to their flaws. Each car has its personality, and some MINIs have common traits or imperfections. At Oliver’s Auto Clinic, we’re always looking out for your best interest, which means being prepared for common vehicle problems. We can do this here for MINI vehicles, including the Cooper, Cooper S, John Cooper Works, Cooper SE, and Cooper Countryman.

Protect Your Automatic Transmission:

In MINIs, your car’s reliability will start each time you turn the key is expected. Beyond that, sometimes problems pop up. Our technicians recommend regular transmission fluid services every 30k or 40k miles to keep your transmission functioning properly. Performing this service also allows our technicians to look for developing flaws in the transmission.

Fix Power Steering Pump Malfunction:

Vehicle owners will feel this malfunction as their steering becomes more rigid. A new pump may need to be installed. While there isn’t a preventative service for the power steering pump, making sure you bring your vehicle in at the first sign of poor steering function will ensure you aren’t risking your safety or others with less control over your car.

Clutch Failure:

The typical sign of clutch failure is an unmistakable burning smell. MINIs can develop clutch failure if they endure a lot of heavy traffic, stopping and starting, which they certainly do in and around Dallas. Gentler driving habits and regular clutch inspections can help identify potential flaws before they develop into real repair issues.

Water Pump Leak:

It’s common after MINIs reach 50,000, a leak can happen all of a sudden. Experienced technicians will know the best repair to quickly get you back on the road. In contrast, it’s uncommon for low mileage. Our skilled technicians can quickly identify the fault once your vehicle arrives at our shop.

Loose Timing Chain:

While a loose chain isn’t dangerous on its own, the possibility of a break would result in complete engine failure. Again, because our factory-trained technicians have experience with MINIs and their areas of improvement, we’ll have you back on the road and safely.
Whether you use your MINI Cooper Countryman to haul the family around or your classic MINI Cooper to make regular trips to the beach, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is always ready and reliable.
We know the MINI’s temperament is part of its charm. You wouldn’t trade it for all the clutch failure and power steering pump malfunctions, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t live without them. Bringing your MINI to our factory-trained technicians will give it the best chance at a smooth driving life and vehicle experience!

Remember that this is a luxury vehicle doesn’t mean maintenance is less of a chore. We aim to take the hassle out of vehicle repair at Oliver’s Auto Clinic. We offer free shuttle services, after-hours drop-off, and reduced rates on rental vehicles if you must get back to life while we take care of your vehicle.

We offer a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty that covers all our parts and services, so your peace of mind lasts long after you’ve driven your vehicle out of our shop.

Come by our location today to speak to our technicians about the best maintenance plan for your MINI. You can find us at 1117 Kennedale Pkwy STE A, Kennedale, TX 76060