Electrical System Services IN DALLAS, TEXAS

Electrical System Services

Today’s vehicles are a complex maze of interwoven electrical systems. All electrical systems however, must have a continuous and steady source of energy.


  • Provides all electrical energy necessary to start the vehicle
  • Provides reserve electrical power under heavy electrical loads

Symptoms of a malfunctioning battery include no crank condition, slow cranking condition, and poor electrical accessory operation at low speeds.

Battery Cables/Terminals

  • Provides the electrical paths necessary to transfer battery power to all automotive electrical systems

Symptoms of malfunctioning battery cable/terminal include no crank condition, slow cranking condition, poor electrical accessory operation at low speeds, and driveability problems.



  • An electric motor, which turns the crankshaft flywheel allowing the vehicle to start

Symptoms of a malfunctioning starter include no crank condition or snow cranking condition.


  • Provides the electrical needs of the vehicle while it is running
  • Keeps battery properly charged

Symptoms of a malfunctioning alternator/generator include slow cranking condition after vehicle has been in operation, vehicle’s charge light remains on while in operation, stalled or ‘dead’ engine, poor electrical accessory (lights, wipers, etc) operation at low speeds.

Benefits of a properly maintained electrical system:

  • Quick starting
  • Allows for proper alternator/generator operation
  • Increased starter life
  • Proper electrical accessory operation
  • Longer battery life
  • Longer battery cable/terminal life